My Story.


Hey there! I am Olivia (also known by my best friends as Olive). I'm the owner and artist of Olive + Grain, a handcrafted wood-shop based out of Roswell, GA. 


"So, what do you do?" The obligatory small-talk question often turns into a much deeper conversation for me when my response is, "I am a woodworker, and specialize in making reclaimed wood art. I source the most unique reclaimed wood from around the Southeast and I cut, plane, sand, and assemble it into wall hangings." As a woman in the woodworking trade, I get a lot of surprised reactions (and unsolicited wood jokes - trust me, I've heard them all...)! 

In 2013, I was a newlywed with more time on my hands than money. I’ve always had a love for interior design, and furniture I couldn’t afford.I got myself a few basic power tools and decided to make take things into my own hands. I read blogs, tutorials, and talked to craftsmen to teach myself the basics of woodworking. My house was soon filled with Pottery-Barn and West Elm- inspired tables, bookshelves, and art that I had made. Through this process, I fell in love with the beauty of reclaimed wood, and my craft quickly transformed into passion of re-purposing pieces of history to hang in people’s homes.

If we're going to be friends, there are a few other fun facts you should know. My favorite food is cheese dip, washed down with a margarita. My happy place is by the water, and I prefer my music really loud so I can sing without anyone actually hearing my voice.